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Literally Dozens of people call me wanting my services every day - isn’t that what you want for your business?

Are You?

Ready for your phone to blow up with Leads?

Can You?

Pick up the Phone?

Are You?


I Can’t Handle All the Calls!!!

(would THAT be a good problem to have?)

I Answer My Phone!® needs help answering all the calls (!) and IAMP Education™ wants to help you grow your business and achieve your goals in record time - and that is what you want isn’t it?

And while this program is Designed for Real Estate Professionals it can apply to any business model -

  1. *What if you called a Contractor and - THEY ANSWERED THEIR PHONE?

  2. ** What if you called an Attorney and - THEY ANSWERED THEIR PHONE?

  3. ** *What if you called a Real Estate Agent and - THEY ANSWERED THEIR PHONE?

Would you call them back?

Would they get your business?


Become a Founding Member of I Answer My Phone!®

     Become one of the first Licensees with the ability to use      this powerful tool and receive the following:

Receive Your IAMP Identity:

     yourname@IanswerMyPhone.com plus ability to use the phrase in all digital and printed matter

Direct Share:

   IAMP Leads System distributes leads directly to you

Digital Contact and Networking

   Best use of powerful digital tools and apps to streamline your business

Become a Craigslist Ninja!

    Learn my secret hacks for writing the best possible ad (applies to any online ad service) QUICKLY

Highest Possible Commissions Earnings on Rentals?

    I will show you how I earned $10K a month renting homes

Become a Section 8 Ninja!

    Love it or hate it the rent gets paid every month!

Qualifying Questions

   The only 4 questions you will need - Qualify your clients by text!!

Only ask Questions that people can Answer YES to

   Effective tried and true Persuasion methods that can be learned in 5 minutes!

Secret Sauce

    I don’t promote everything you will learn on my website!Additional Modules and Private Coaching

In 15 minutes you can:


I Answer My Phone!®


Real Estate & Business Marketing Services

I Answer My Phone!® Real Estate & Business Marketing Services

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