(Has this happened to you?) I called a number off of Craigslist or a yard sign and . . . it went to a menu . . . then to a clueless receptionist and finally to . . .. . . VoiceMail!!

. . . and then the most amazing greeting (finally!)

. . . “Don’t leave a message. Send me an email at blah@blahblahblah.com"


????? (facepalm . . . #!#&&&^%###!!!!)

Are you serious? 


I Answer My Phone!

If you are a Buyer - I am Serious About getting you a Home at the lowest possible rate!  CALL ME!

If you are a Seller - I am Serious About Selling your Home Quickly!  CALL ME!

If you are an Agent - I am Serious About giving you the most powerful Marketing tools in the known Universe!  CALL ME! (go to the Business Marketing Page NOW!)

Here is my promise to you:

Whenever you call (602) 315-0234 - I will immediately pick up your call - and answer your questions about renting, buying or selling your home in the Phoenix area.

. . . You will NOT get a menu . . .

. . . or a receptionist . . .

. . . or a voicemail greeting that tells you to send me an email (jeez!)

I am serious about renting, buying or selling your home . . .

. . . I will answer your questions fairly, honestly and quickly!


NOW . . .

gimme a break - I get an unbelievable amount of calls (Agents -wouldn’t you like THAT?)  I have to manage this somehow so you may have to leave a voicemail or even better a text but I will call you as soon as I possibly can . . .

. . . btw, Your Calls go right to my phone NOT a service.  IF you leave a text I can typically respond right away.  If you leave a voicemail I WILL LISTEN TO IT - so speak clearly and leave your address and I can dial you right back.


Real Estate & Business Marketing Services


Yup. that’s me!!!

Doing “Whatever it Takes!”


I Answer My Phone!® Real Estate & Business Marketing Services

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